D.U.E. Organization believes that in order to build a successful, sustainable community, the people that live in those communities need to be empowered in order to understand their value and the value of the resources around them. D.U.E. Organization is dedicated to streamlining resources that help students reach their full potential in different areas. We seek to foster community growth through initiatives aimed at empowering our youth.

Achievement and Progress Tracker

Our Achievement and Progress Tracker is designed to help Nigerian students keep track of their progress and achievements as they go through senior secondary school. We hope that using this booklet will help students when putting together their resumes/CV.

In Canada? Download the Canadian version of the Achievement and Progress Tracker. After downloading the Achievement and Progress Tracker, you can fill it out online or print it as a booklet.

Nigerian Resume Writing Guidelines

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This list of resources are pulled together from various websites and do not reflect endorsement from D.U.E. Organization. D.U.E. Organization does not receive any monetary benefits from having these resources or from any purchases made on their links.

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