D.U.E. Organization believes that in order to build a successful, sustainable community, the people that live in those communities need to be empowered in order to understand their value and the value of the resources around them. D.U.E. Organization is dedicated to streamlining resources that help students reach their full potential in different areas. We seek to foster community growth through initiatives aimed at empowering our youth.

D.U.E. to Excellence Scholarship

The D.U.E. to Excellence Scholarship is aimed at promoting academic excellence and empowering leaders that understand their capacity to lead and foster community growth. This is one of the many ways D.U.E Organization hopes to join the fight to build a sustainable future for our youth. ₦15,000 is awarded to the top three students with the highest grade in their last term of Senior Secondary 1 (SS1) towards their SS2 tuition.

How to qualify:

  1. Recipients must currently be entering Senior Secondary 2(SS2)

  2. ​Must show the intention of continuing studies by providing proof of enrollment for each term.

Selection Process:

  • Academic merit as evidenced by grades

2019 D.U.E to Excellence Scholarship

The D.U.E. to Excellence Fund was launched at Ukan Community Grammar school, located in Nigeria. We were able to pay the SS2 tuition of three students for the Fall 2019 school term.

Essay Writing Competition

The Essay Competition by D.U.E Organization is aimed at rewarding exceptional writing skills. Our central goal is to provide an avenue for students to express their critical thinking skills as they explore various social topics.

Winners are graded using a standard grading rubric and were awarded as follows:

1st Prize: ₦20,000

2nd Prize: ₦15,000

3rd Prize: ₦10,000

2020 Essay Writing Competition

Our first Essay Writing Competition was held in February at the Government Girls' College in Makurdi. Students were given 2 weeks to submit a 500 to 700 word essay with the instructions to select from one of the following topics:

  1. If you could change one thing about your society what will it be and why?

  2. Should fathers get paternity leave just as mothers do?

  3. Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?

  4. What are the impacts of peer pressure on your life?

  5. What is your greatest dream and how do you plan on achieving it?

We would like to extend our congratulations to our three winners:
Obande Ehi Faith - 1st place
Ayagga Joy Averem - 2nd place
Tile Joyce Ngusen - 3rd place.

Support Our Educational Programs

We are currently accepting donations to be continue running our two educational programs, as well as to expand to other schools. Please consider making a donation.

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